Come for yoga. Stay for workshops. 

Join for the HEALTH of it!

VidaLoca Integrative Yoga & Nutrition is an experience. As soon as you ascend the stairs, you realize that it offers a unique ambiance that cannot be compared to any other studio in Houston/Cypress. The studio houses an intimate space perfect for small group and one-on-one yoga and fitness sessions, workshops, cooking classes and meal prepping programs.

Cooking & nutrition demos, meditation & breathing workshops, fitness events & seminars pop up on the schedule frequently; so make sure to follow us on social media!

Owner Sarah Gallipeau is an integrative nutrition health coach, yoga instructor and certified in additional fitness formats. Her passion is filling the hearts and bellies full of yoga, healthy good food and positive conversations in hopes of transforming the lives of every member through a holistic approach to healthcare.

Should joining the studio virtually be your best option, all yoga & coaching sessions are also offered through Zoom and personalized pre-recorded videos.

About Sarah

Sarah is a constantly evolving wild-woman with a passion for supporting others with their health & fitness journey. Her story, full of many dimensions and colorful chapters, founded the mission to her work: To build a healthy, positive community through social partnership, information and events about nutrition, physical activity, emotional/mental care and holistic practices.

"I believe the body and mind can make great strides in healing through a balanced lifestyle of nutritious foods, a loving habit of daily physical activity, strengthening relationships with others who fill your heart with happiness, developing a spiritual journey, and finding joy in a career choice that does more than pays bills." 

Sarah's background in health & fitness began many years before graduating as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from Institute of Integrative Nutrition and as a yoga instructor from the Yoga Institute. Since childhood, embarrassed about the symptoms, she silently suffered from anxiety and pain associated with digestive issues that developed into autoimmune disorders. Countless doctors with limited information and decades of searching for answers left her in despair. Once she finally met with a functional medicine practitioner who asked the right questions and worked towards getting to the root cause of her symptoms, she made the right changes to diet and lifestyle. Chronic symptoms drastically decreased and her quality of life improved.

Sarah find comfort in a routine schedule that consists of sweating and stretching it out, hanging with a small tribe that include two free-spirited boys, hubby and two energetic doggies, reading an array of books and literature and turning her energy-filled kitchen into a dance party/meal prepping space each week.

What is an Integrative Health & Fitness Coach?

An Integrative Health & Fitness Coach offers a variety of programs that are primarily structures on a client's needs whether it be an accountability mentor for nutrition or fitness goals or a supportive guide in identifying habits that limit a person professionally and personally.

Health Coaching is not therapy. Instead of focusing on the why things happened, the client and I work together to move through specific challenges by creating a personalized program centered around setting goals and establishing small lifestyle changes. In turn, a strong foundation will be set as the client navigates a healthy journey to improve specific areas of their life. It is about receiving support while navigating the road to healing through holistic practices.

A health coach does not replace medical professionals. Instead, my role is to offer support to both the client and doctor. Instead of providing answers to questions only ones true self really knows, I act as a support system to inspire a person to look inwards to find the solutions to one's personal struggles.