Best Self


When I set a major goal to launch my health & fitness coaching career by July 2019. I had just completed my yoga teacher certification and enrolled in an online health coaching program called Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As a mom who was juggling the responsibilities of a full-time career and a full day's worth of other duties, adding the ambitious goal of returning back to school and jump-starting a new career meant I needed to create a strategic plan to stay organized and reach deadlines without feeling completely overwhelmed.

Like any giddy student, I adored the idea of organizing my life in the pages of planner. When I tell you that I scoured the shelves and flipped through every single planner out there, I must admit that I also went to every office supply store in my area, and spent way to many hours searching for the perfect planner. All that research left me empty handed, so I continued the search online and found two that I knew were best for me. Both deserve a shout out from a gal who couldn't have kept it all together without the aid of these planners.

BESTSELF Journal was the first and most constructive one that helped me define what I wanted to accomplish and helped me break down the BIG GOALS into action steps. It led me to commit to a plan, prompted me to stay focused and build consistent habits. The combination of time-blocking with a weekly/monthly/daily scheduler ensured that my great intentions were written daily, reminding me to take action in small ways. Every day's page offered space to reflect on gratitude, attitude and progress. The cost of this undated 13 week hardback planner/journal seemed like quite the investment but I'm really glad I made the purchase. My passion to become a health coach was becoming reality as I took steps towards reaching my goals and staying on track with my journal.

Full disclosure, It took me a while to get passed the fear of messing up the crisp clean pages. What if the goals I had in mind weren't really "THE REAL GOALS"? What if I wrote down an action plan and I couldn't commit? There's a tutorial that I watched several times which helped me navigate the how-to's of the planner. I wanted everything to be perfect in my head before I transferred my thoughts to paper. After an eternity of taking the journal out of its protective case only to look over the content and then place it back finally came to a halt when I had a heart-to-heart with myself. In hindsight, I was taking action in a very small way. I was formulating a plan, but it was a mental one. I couldn't begin to take physical action like the pages instructed until my head was in the game. Something finally clicked, and I was ready to get serious about my goals.

My list of goals were to: Teach yoga, create a social media platform for health & wellness, and become a certified health coach. Every day the planner encouraged me to be present. I carried my blue planner around like a security blanket, taking comfort in being able to look over my schedule like something magical was going to happen in my life. This goal setting planner began to hold the secrets to fulfilling my heart's desires. Pretty soon magical things really were happening. The small actions I took slowly began to snowball into results.

By week 8, I was teaching yoga classes an average of 4 days a week, my health & wellness social media pages began to have engaged followers and I stayed on track with my online education program. The return of investment spent on the $30(ish) BESTSELF Journal has been tenfold. I honestly gained knowledge on how to manage my time and stay diligent to meeting deadlines. Once week 13 was complete, I purchased a second BETSELF Journal to continue the path I had laid out in the first one. 26 weeks of my life has been chronicled in a delightful keepsake. I love this product so much that it has become my gift to clients who are serious about achieving big goals and who need help figuring out where to begin.

Two simple ways of getting ahold of this life-changing journal: Reach out to me for a free planner or apply VIP Discount code sarah_gallipeau for 15% off.

When it came time to purchase another planner, I learned that BESTSELF taught me how to become a better version of myself and pushed me to grow. I no longer required all of its fabulous tabs, because I felt more grounded. Therefore, I needed a planner/journal to help me develop other areas of my life... So I research a new set of criteria. This time it only took me a quick minute to order a different design, from a different brand. And that my friends will be discussed on another day.