99.5% Sure...

Happy Father's Day and Happy Full Moon!! Technically it's only 99.5% full tonight, but the energy emitted into the universe can certainly be felt. The moon was so bright last night that it illuminated the sky as we sat under the openness of our backyard. Despite the rain of today, my hope is to enjoy another soak in a moon bath once again this evening.

I often joke that I'm a sun goddess, because my inspiration for hopping out of bed is defined once the morning sun peaks through my bedroom window. Last night I was reminded of how glorious it is to spend time under the dark heavens, the moon shining down on me. I reflected on how much progress I've made with personal and professional goals. I gave thanks to the universe for guiding me to the present moment, and to myself for letting go of this unattainable idea of perfection. Last night I felt perfectly at peace.

When I woke to the lovely gleam of the sun shining on me this morning, I still felt perfectly at peace. I still feel thankful, but this idea of needing everything to be perfect before launching my website still picks at me. Like the almost full moon, I'm only 99.5% sure I'm ready. So I ask, "Is the moon less than stellar, less radiant, not quiet as magical because she's not perfectly completely full"? Thankfully the moon, in all of her phases, shares her orbital journey with the world. Every phase is miraculous, inspirational and necessary. And like the moon, when we share our phases with others, we can create a wave of change in our own lives, in our own families, within our own communities.

So here it is, here we are. The launch of my blog, my website. 06.16.2019, ... Lucky # 7 in numerology.